Drop off/Pick Up and Parking

  • Student Drop-Off Procedure

    Student drop off at SSP Secondary should be done at Door 4 located on Second Avenue (south side of the building.)

    Please DO NOT drive into the east parking lot or through the Central Square parking lot to drop students off.  We have Special Services buses dropping students off in this area and it creates a safety hazard.


    After School Pick-up Procedure

    Student can be picked up at South Doors after school. After the buses have left, you may pick up students at the North Doors or you may wait on Third Street west of the service road entrance.

    Please DO NOT pick up students at the east doors (door #7). We ask that you please stay out of the parking lot after school.  

    We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    Student Parking

    Students are allowed to park on Kaposia Boulevard and on the south side of 3rd Street between 9th and 6th Avenues from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Special School District #6 accepts NO responsibility for loss of personal property or damage to your car in school parking lot. Keep your car locked and do not leave valuables in it. 

    Grade 12 student parking is permitted in east parking lot in designated area with parking passes only. Vehicles that are illegally parked, parked outside of designated areas, or parked without a permit displayed may be booted ($30 – 1st offense, $60 – 2nd offense, $90 – 3rdoffense.) The fine must be paid before the boot will be removed (Please see District Policy #527).

    Senior Parking Information will be given to 12th grade students the first week of school.