• With state and federal funding not keeping pace with inflation, declining enrollment and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, district administration will work through the following timeline to develop a combination of budget redesigns, reductions and revenue generations based on parameters set by the School Board and feedback from the staff:

    jan 25 icon
    2021-2022 Budget Planning
    Finance Director Aaron Bushberger provided a recap to the School Board of the various budget components and planning for the 2021-22 budget. Currently, the district is anticipating a $2 million budget adjustment target based on budget assumptions for the coming year.

    Jan 25-Mar 8 icon Budget Reduction, Redesign, and Revenue Generation Work
    Following parameters set by the School Board in the Budget Guiding Change Document, administration will develop proposed budget adjustments through a combination of redesigns, reductions and revenue generations. Nearly 100 staff participated in the 2021-22 Budget Reduction, Redesign and Revenue Generation Survey that was conducted February 17-24, 2021.

    March 8 icon Budget and Timeline Update
    Finance Director Aaron Bushberger provided a presentation to the School Board that highlighted the various revenue and expenditure components and timelines for district’s 2021-22 budget planning process.  With significant funding challenges, there will be two rounds of adjustments coming before the School Board to address the $2 million budget adjustment target.

    march 22-April 12 icon
    First Round of Proposed Budget Adjustments for 2021-22
    On March 22, administration presented the School Board with a list of the first round of proposed budget adjustments for 2021-22.  The proposed adjustments will go before the School Board for approval on April 12.

    April 26 icon

    Review of Revisions to the Current 2020-21 Budget
    The second round of 2021-22 budget revisions went before the School Board for approval. These revisions to the current budget are a result of updated enrollment numbers, and revised revenue and expenditure estimates. 

    May 10-24 icon

    Second Round of Proposed Budget Adjustments for 2021-22
    District administration provided a budget planning update on the most recent information regarding future state and federal funding, preliminary budget projections for the next three years, and proposed steps in the budget development process.

    June 14-28 icon

    Final 2021-22 Budget
    On June 14, the final 2021-22 budget was presented to the School Board and formally approved on June 28. View the video presentation.