• Restrictive Procedures

    In accordance with Minn. Stat. §§ 125A.094 and 125A.0942, every school district is required to develop and make publicly accessible in an electronic format on a school or district website or make a paper copy available upon request a plan that discloses its use of restrictive procedures with special education students. The plan must list the restrictive procedures that the school district intends to use; describe how the school district will implement a range of positive behavior strategies and provide links to mental health services, describe how the school district will monitor and review the use of restrictive procedures, including post-use debriefings and convening an oversight committee to undertake a quarterly review of the use of restrictive procedures based on patterns or problems indicated by similarities in the time of day, day of the week, duration of the use of a procedure, the individuals involved, or other factors associated with the use of restrictive procedures, the number of times a restrictive procedures is used schoolwide and for individual children the number and types of injuries, if any, resulting from the use of restrictive procedures, whether restrictive procedures are used in nonemergency situations, the need for additional staff training, and proposed actions to minimize the use of restrictive procedures; and includes a written description and documentation of the training any staff members who will be using restrictive procedures have completed to show they have the skills set out in Minn. Stat.


    The SSPPS Restrictive Procedures Oversight Committee meets quarterly.  The following are members for 2019-20:

    • Kelly Tetrick, Director Of Special Services
    • Mike Fugazi, Lincoln Center Principal
    • Allison Jenson, Special Education Teacher, Certified CPI Trainer
    • Jessica Green, Special Education Teacher
    • Anne Christenson, School Psychologist 


    District Restrictive Procedures Plan