Winter Safety Tips

  • Walk like a penguin or a ninja!

    Have you ever seen a penguin waddle from one place to another? You probably thought these ungainly birds moved the way they do because of their round shape or short, stumpy legs, but in truth, penguins are just super smart, and very experienced at walking on slippery surfaces! You may have noticed our “Walk Like a Penguin” signs at many entrances to buildings all over the district.

    This is a reminder to get in the penguin mindset whenever the weather or walking surfaces are poor.

    • Look down at your footing and the walking surface. Walk around slippery spots if possible, and keep your phone in your pocket. Penguins don’t walk in a straight line either, and they never mess with their phones while walking.

    • Take short, flat-footed steps. Slow down! There is no prize for getting to the building first.  Penguins only race when sliding on their butts, and that’s just messy.

    • Bend your knees slightly, like a ninja! You might look like you’re trying to be stealthy, but that just means you’re doing it right.

    • If possible, keep things out of your hands, in a backpack or shoulder bag.

    • Lean slightly forward — this helps with your balance, but it also makes you fall forward if you slip, not backward. You might sprain your wrist, but you won’t smash the back of your head, which is by far the leading cause of serious injuries and deaths when falling. This is especially important when walking downhill. Hills are naturally more slippy because that’s how gravity works, and because of the angle, you almost always fall backward, which is doubly dangerous.

    • Place both feet on the ground before stepping out of your vehicle. Many winter slips happen when transitioning from a vehicle to walking.

    • Wear appropriate shoes and boots, with waterproofing and good, grippy soles.

    Remember, safety is a mindset before everything else. Get in the right frame of mind, and make smart decisions. Have a safe winter!