Approved Professional Development Modules

  • Paraprofessional, Clerical, Student Support or Nutrition Services Employees 
    (less than 12-months) & Kids' Choice Paraprofessionals (12-month)

    Approved Professional Development Activities for School Cancellation

    The following information applies to all paraprofessionals and any clerical, student support or nutrition services employees who work less than 12 months.

    As stated in Emergency Closing Policy 307, when the district cancels school you do not report to work. You may either choose to make up time by participating in approved professional development activities (see details below) OR take available time off by entering a request in Skyward OR take leave without pay by entering a request in Skyward.

    To make up your time, you must satisfy all requirements listed below:  

    1. Inform your supervisor of your intent to make up the time by completing designated professional development activities
    2. Complete the learning activities listed in each module 
    3. Complete the assessment described in each module and 
    4. Submit the completed assessment in hard copy or electronically to your supervisor by the due date (two weeks after school closed date)

    The district has developed 12 Twelve learning modules. Each learning module includes materials to read or watch, expected learning outcomes, and an assessment to complete and submit to your supervisor. Your supervisor may request specific modules be completed first. If the district experiences more closed days than professional development modules available, supervisors will provide further guidance and direction at that time.   

    Depending on the number of hours you work during the school day, you will complete the designated number of modules as listed below. For example, if you work 4.5 hours per day, you will need to complete two modules to make up your time for the day. If you have questions about the number of modules you need to complete, contact your supervisor as soon as possible.

    • Up to 3.75 hour employees: complete one module
    • 4.0 – 5.75 hour employees: complete two modules
    • 6.0 – 8.0 hour employees: complete three modules

    The assessments associated with each module include a reflection or written document. A half-page written requirement equals 300-400 words either typed or handwritten. The reflection must be submitted to your supervisor prior to the due date, which is the end of the day two weeks from the school closed date (for example: if school is closed on a Monday, then the due date is two weeks later on Monday at the end of the day).

    Since some of these modules require accessing information or videos from various websites, employees will need to plan accordingly. Each school building has a media center or labs with computers available for use.