2019-20 Flexible Learning/E-Learning Plan 

  • E-Learning Day refers specifically to weather-driven closing days where classes are held on-line and learning is continued with the support of classroom teachers and in collaboration with teachers and other students. Currently, only our grade levels engaged in the take-home 1:1 device program would meet the state requirements for an E-Learning Day. The goals of an E-Learning Day are continuity of learning and preservation of funding.

    The State allows up to five E-Learning days per school year. Closings beyond five weather days or for other reasons will operate largely like an E-Learning Day but will be counted as a Flexible Learning Day focused on continuity of learning.

    Flexible Learning Day refers to a closing day where students engage remotely in meaningful learning activities that support and continue current learning. Students are able to connect with teachers with questions, but online learning activity is not required. Students in our lower grades (K-6) would experience Flexible Learning Days on closing days. The goal of a Flexible Learning Day is continuity of learning. 


    When the superintendent announces a school closing at least two hours before regular school start times and a Flexible Learning/E-Learning Day is declared: 

    Flexible Learning Days (grades K-6):

    • Teachers have already sent Flexible Learning Day materials and instructions home. Lessons take the form of a Student Learning Menu that gives students choice about how to learn and demonstrate learning. These materials are available online as well and are refreshed with each Unit of Inquiry. Activities are designed to be completed independently by students.
    • Students use their Student Learning Menus to choose and complete their assignments for the day. Students and parents can contact teachers by voicemail or email for questions.
    • Teachers periodically check and respond to email and voicemail to address student and parent questions.

    E-Learning Days (grades 7-12):

    • Secondary level teachers post student assignments online in Schoology by 10:00 a.m.
    • Students log into Schoology and work on assignments posted for each of their classes. Students can use the communication tools within Schoology to ask questions or get clarification on assignments from their teacher.  
    • Secondary teachers are online monitoring discussions, giving feedback to students, assessing work completed, etc. Teachers will periodically check and respond to emails and voicemails from parents and/or students. 
    • Secondary teachers take attendance based on their monitoring of and interaction with students and progress on assignments.

    NOTE: Learning activities assigned on Flexible Learning and E-Learning days are required. 

    • Students who are unable to complete work on these days are required to make it up.
    • However, students will not be penalized for not being able to participate during the closing day due to circumstances out of their control 


    • TEACHERS will prepare for Flexible and E-Learning days by:
      • Using lesson templates and instructions provided for their use.
      • Participating in group professional learning.
      • Engaging the Digital Learning Team in coaching.
      • Practicing procedures and activities with their classes.

    • STUDENTS will prepare for Flexible and E-Learning days by participating in in-school practice with their teachers.

    • PARENTS/FAMILIES will prepare for Flexible and E-Learning days by reviewing communications and materials sent to them, understanding their role on such days, and encouraging their students’ participation.