Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are ABE's GED classes like?

    • There are generally 10-12 students in each ABE/GED class.
    • Teachers work with each student to set up an individualized learning plan based on each student’s goals and educational needs.
    • Teachers provide guidance and instruction to each student individually.  
    • Classroom environments are oriented for adult learners.   


    ABE Class 

    What does the GED entail?

    The GED Test battery is comprised of four content areas:

    • Reasoning through Language Arts
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Social Studies
    • Science

    It can take up to seven hours to complete the entire test battery. To pass the GED Tests, a test taker must earn a passing score of 150 points for each of the four modules, for a total of 600 points needed to earn a GED credential.  Scores are not averaged or weighted in any way.

    Where can I take the GED?

    The GED Test is only offered at Official GED Testing Centers. ABE refers its students to the nearest testing center, Inver Hills Community College. Click here for more information on taking the GED at Inver Hills Community College or to visit the Minnesota Literacy Council's website in order to locate the testing center nearest to you.

    What should I know about the GED?

    • The GED is not easy. Students struggling in high school, or who have been out of school for a while, may need significant time to attain the knowledge and proficiency in order to pass the GED tests.
    • It is possible to take the GED subject tests one at a time. All four tests can take up to seven hours to complete.
    • Studying for the GED requires the ability to work independently.
    • Preparing for the GED tests can take anywhere from 12-200 hours or more depending on the student’s entry skill level in math, reading and writing.
    • In order to enroll in a GED Preparation program, a student under 18 will need written consent from his/her guardian and an official drop form from the last high school he/she attended.
    • Anyone under 19 will need to obtain an official age waiver from the State of Minnesota in order to go take the GED tests.
    • The GED is an acceptable credential for college entrance.
    • GED test questions focus heavily on the ability to analyze charts, graphs, maps and text.
    • GED Preparation classes do not necessarily meet every day. Students attending Individual Study Labs for GED Preparation will have a learning plan that is designed to help them attain content knowledge and proficiency levels necessary. Students should be prepared to attend consistently so that they can achieve continual progress.