District Transportation

  • Elementary students who live one mile or more from their assigned school, and secondary students who live 1.5 miles or more from their assigned school, are eligible for district-provided transportation. 
    • Bus passes will be sent to the eligible students’ homes during the month of August. The passes have changed. Your child will receive a postcard in the mail that has the bus number, location and time of pick-up.
    • Once the postcard arrives, be sure to place it in your child's backpack, it will be required to board the school bus.   
    • If your child will be transported to an eligible daycare facility or alternative address, please complete the Request for Transportation to Daycare or Alternative Address Form

    Bus Service is Contracted

    Our school district currently contracts with Safe-Way Bus Company for student transportation. Safe-Way Bus Company offers pay-to-ride transportation on a first-come, first-serve basis for students who reside in South St. Paul and are not eligible for district-provided transportation. Registration agreements should be submitted as soon as possible at the District Office. Information and registration forms may be obtained by contacting Safe-Way Bus at (651) 451-1375, or they may be picked up at the District Office, 104 – 5th Avenue South.

    Have you moved recently? 

    Please complete the Address Change form and submit the completed form to your school building or district office. Please contact Student Services at (651) 457-9470 with any questions. 

  • Contact Information

    Erika Ryan
    Transportation Specialist
    Phone: (651) 457-9474  
    Fax: (651) 457-9485