Additional Charges

  • Occasionaly you may find additional charges on your bill for items or fees incurred by missing a payment, late pick-up of a child, etc. Below is a list of many of these types of fees you might see on your bill and an explanation of how they are assessed.

    Late Payment

    A fee of $10.00 per month for late payment of tuition fees will be charged unless a prearranged payment schedule is on file with Community Education.

    Return Check 

    Checks returned unpaid due to insufficient funds or closed accounts are assessed a service charge. If two non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks are recieved, all further payments must be made by money order, cash or cashier's check.

    Late Pick-up

    A fee of $10 per each 15 minutes, or portion thereof past 6:00 p.m. is charged for late pick-ups (time of pick-up are based on the sign-out program iPad). Termination of your Kids' Choice contract may result if there are five late pick-up fees recorded on your account.

    For example:
    6:00-6:14 p.m. =$10
    6:15-6:29 p.m. = $20
    6:30-6:44 p.m. = $30

    Forgotten Field Trip T-Shirt

    A $6.00 fee will be charged.