• On the first Friday of the 2019-20 school year, we left a chalkboard outside South St. Paul schools with one simple question...What are your HOPES for the school year?

    What we found was that the message for students and staff were aligned. The majority of staff responses spoke to the hope for students to feel cared for, loved and supported. Students hoped for making friends, having fun, learning new skills and feeling connected.

    In South St. Paul Public Schools we strive to be that safe, welcoming caring space where all students have the supports they need to be prepared for their next step. 

    This year we have launched a campaign called #SSPcares. It is our district hope that all members of the SSPPS community — students, staff, families and community members — feel that they are part of a caring learning organization. 

    #SSPcares is about all of us committing to values that uphold that hope and feeling, as identified in our district’s core values: 

    • COMPASSION - Be kind, fair and just toward all people because of who we are
    • EQUITY - Provide equal access to opportunities in academics, student services and activities
    • EXCELLENCE - Strive for the/our best in all we do with high expectations for all
    • INTEGRITY - Do the right thing even when no one is watching, and keep our promises
    • RESILIENCE - Be able to bounce back from challenges and disappointments with confidence and hope
    • RESPECT - Honor our similarities and differences in our assumptions, inquiries, words and actions

    Throughout the 2019-20 school year we will be holding events, social media campaigns and other opportunities for each of us in South St. Paul to show each other how much we care about each other and the success of each and every #SSPpride student!