Conscious Discipline

  • A positive way to support building social and emotional skills

    conscious discipline poster The SSP Community Preschool classes encourage children to develop social and emotional skills including self-control/or self-regulation skills, problem solving, safety and respect for others. Teachers model appropriate behavior and guide positive interactions among children and adults. We use Conscious Discipline® strategies to nurture these skills. Consistent use of these strategies and instructional materials help support children as they grow into successful, lifelong learners.

    When a problem arises, the teacher relies on modeling appropriate behavior, taking a breath and remaining calm, giving children vocabulary to use, supporting ways to calm bodies, teaching peacemaking skills, reinforcing positive behaviors, and making good decisions. Children learn to make appropriate choices and develop techniques for regaining self-control when they feel frustrated. Instructive and individually appropriate strategies and routines help to strengthen the child’s self-control and maintain self-esteem and the feeling of being part of our school family. 

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    Conscious Discipline at Home

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