Fees & Charges

  • Even though an organization does not incur a facility charge, there may be a charge for personnel or equipment use. 

    Non-South St. Paul organizations will be charged triple the rate shown.

    Daily Tournament Fee

    $250 for 2 days. (This fee pays for heat, lights, and trash. Custodial charges will still apply.) A required form must be completed and fee must be paid before the tournament is scheduled.
    *A prorated fee will be charged for additional hours/days: $15.62 per hour; $125 per day

    South St. Paul Secondary:


    Class C

    Class D

    Auditorium $100/3 hr. $300/3 hr.
    Locker Rooms $40/3 hr. $120/3 hr.
    Heritage Hall $80/3 hr. $240/3 hr.
    Classrooms, Media Center, Board Room $250/3 hr. $75/3 hr.
    Lecture Hall $40/3 hr. $120/3 hr.
    Athletic Field $90/3 hr. $270/3 hr.
    Packer Activity Center (PAC) $45/station $135/station
    *Competition Gym $33/hr. $99/hr.

    *Activity must be prior approved by Activities Coordinator.

    Kaposia Education Center & Lincoln Center Elementary:


    Class C

    Class D

    Small Gym $45/3 hr. $135/3 hr.
    Locker Rooms (LC only) $30/3 hr. $90/3 hr.
    Large Gym $70/3 hr. $210/3 hr.
    Cafeteria $80/3 hr. $240/3 hr.
    Classroom $25/3 hr. $75/3 hr.
    Performance Area (KEC only) $50/3 hr. $150/3 hr.

    Equipment (per daily use):


    Class C

    Class D

    16mm projector $10 $30
    35mm projector-slide $10 $30
    35mm projector-filmstrip $10 $30
    Overhead projector $10 $30
    Portable P.A. $10 $30
    Podium/Built-in PA $13 $39
    *125Watt Amp PA $50 $150
    Tripod Screen $5 $15
    Tape Player - Cassette $10 $30
    Microphone $10 $10
    Opaque Projector $10 $30

    *Large PA, Commons, gym, auditorium, stadium

    $13 $39
    VCR monitor $10 $30
    *Video recorder $25 $75

    * Operator required (hourly rate)



    Personnel charges for custodian (as needed), building supervisor (as needed), kitchen (as needed), audio visual, stage and other student aides, auditorium director and/or stage crew all to be paid at the current hourly rate plus Social Security and PERA for their particular group. Custodial costs for moving equipment will be billed to users. No extra charge will be made for custodial services at times when custodian is on duty for a school function.


    Bleacher set-up and take-down in gym, Secondary. Fee: $15/hr.