• 2021-22 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

    The district has published the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for all SSPPS students, grades K-12. It is designed to provide a consistent district-wide publication for information regarding student expectations, in particular, around the critical issues of discipline, bullying, hazing, harassment and violence.

    SSPPS encourages a learning environment of mutual respect and problem-solving among all students and staff at every school. In partnership with the School Board, the district has developed comprehensive policies and procedures that define our students’ rights and responsibilities and provide for a positive learning environment. This handbook serves as a resource for students and families in understanding these policies and expectations as well as their alignment with district procedures. District staff will be reviewing this information with students at the beginning of the school year. In addition, we ask all families to review this important document and discuss it with their student(s).

    Click the following to download copies of the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook: 


  • 2021-22 Family Handbook 

    The purpose of the Family Handbook is to provide key district information and required notifications in one place for all SSPPS families. Content satisfies annual notification requirements of the school district and includes information common across the district (e.g. data privacy, food/nutrition, pesticides, asbestos, etc.) as well as other district information of interest (e.g. school closing, community education, cultural liaisons, etc.).

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  • 2021-22 ECFE Parent Handbook

    Handbook for families involved in the SSP's Early Learning Program, including Early Childhood Family Education, Early Childhood Screening and Preschool.

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  • 2021-22 SSP Elementary Guidebook

    Guidebook for families of students at Kaposia Education Center or Lincoln Center. It includes school day information, expectations, and arrival and dismissal directions.