Preschool Special Education

  • Preschool Special Education is for children from age three until they begin kindergarten with developmental delays or other disabilities, and who are experiencing challenges in their learning and development.

    Eligible children can receive services in their home, child care setting, Head Start or school. These services are free to eligible families, regardless of income or immigrant status.  

    How to refer a child

    Anyone can make a referral for a child for whom there are concerns-parents, professionals, friends, family members, others. They can contact the state-wide Help Me Grow referral system at:

    Preschool Special Education Staff

    • Lynn Maier, Occupational Therapist
    • Pam Linde, Speech/Language Clinician
    • Cathy Brown, Speech/Language Clinician
    • Paige Hillstrom, ECSE Teacher
    • Julie Schulz, ECSE Teacher
    • Emily Ederer, ECSE Teacher
    • Maggie Ferris, ECSE Teacher
    • Amy Litfin, Coordinator and School Psychologist

    Our program can also access the services of the following as appropriate: a teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing, an audiologist, a teacher of the visually impaired and a physical therapist.  

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