Fraud Alert!

  • You have been redirected to, South St Paul Public Schools by, a domain that is engaged impersonation of South St. Paul Schools staff for the purpose of ordering technology items in our name and attempting, often successfully, to divert and intercept shipments.

    If you have been asked to provide a quote or have been presented with a purchase order in our name, especially if you do not regularly do business with us, please verify the request before acting.

    Suggestions that a request or order is fraudulent:

    1. High value tech items (ipad pro, elitebooks etc...) with an order total of around $40K.
    2. Order is placed by a legitimate name with an address.
    3. Delivery is addressed to some variation of "S Sanderson" (ex: Skeeter Sanderson, Shari Sanderson).
    4. Instructions may include a directive to only use a specific shipper.
    5. Incorrect information on requests - example: PO from South St. Paul Schools with Richfield schools as the recipient. A W9 with another vendor named or clear evidence of tampering (i.e. white out).

    We encourage you to verify orders placed in our name by contacting Paul Brashear directly at or (651) 552-5560.