Transportation Forms

  • Daycare and Alternative Address Transportation

    This form must be completed for any move to daycare or change in daycare location by a resident or non-resident elementary school student within the attendance area of the school the student currently attends. Elementary transportation to a daycare address will be provided only if the daycare address is one mile or more from the student's school, and within the attendance area of the school.

    This form must also be completed when requesting transportation to a temporary/alternative address within the District due to unexpected circumstances. Requests for transportation to daycare or a temporary/alternative address are subject to District Administration approval.

    Download and complete the Request for Transportation to Daycare or Alternative Address  form and return all completed requests to:

    South St. Paul Public Schools
    District Office Transportation Department
    104 5th Avenue South
    South St. Paul, MN  55075
    Fax: (651) 457-9485

    If you have questions regarding the form, please call the Transportation Office at (651) 457-9474.