Health and Safety

  • District safety personnel assist staff with indoor air quality, regulatory compliance, and general safety issues. For help with any health, safety, or environmental issue, please contact David Slomkowski, Health and Safety Coordinator, at (651) 457-9432, or Mark Fenton, Director of Buildings and Grounds, at (651) 457-9431. 

    The District has a Safety Committee with representation of every building and employee group. A list of members is posted in each building at the beginning of each year, along with a schedule of meetings. Feel free to attend any meeting, or to send your safety concerns to your representative for discussion at the next meeting. If you have a safety issue that cannot wait until the next meeting, please call or send an email to David Slomkowski with your concerns.

    To view the Safety Data Sheet for any chemical used in the District, please click this link and perform a search for the chemical:

    If the data sheet you need is not in the database, please forward the name of the missing chemical to David Slomkowski.