Personalized Learning FAQ

  • What is personalized learning?

    Personalized learning is a term that encompasses teaching and learning best practices that are different than the structured education system that has been in place for generations. Personalized learning represents a shift in philosophy from doing teaching and learning to students, to doing teaching and learning withstudents.

    Here are key elements of personalized learning practices:

    • Students are taught explicitly how to become an advocate for their own learning. This may include setting and reflecting upon goals, using feedback to assess progress, reflecting on standards that have been met and standards yet to meet, creating projects to demonstrate learning and student led conferencing.
    • Learning progress is charted by mapping student mastery of competencies and standards. As students get older, they take on the responsibility for charting their progress to develop more ownership over their learning.
    • Personalized learning practices require that teachers know their students very well. Specifically, they will know how students prefer to access information, engage in content and demonstrate their learning.
    • Providing choice is motivational to students. Teachers develop a partnership with their students and find ways in which student learning preferences and personal interests can be incorporated into the lessons. Flexible pacing allows students to learn at a pace that works for them, although a minimum pacing is expected to keep learners on track.
    • K-12 teachers gradually release control to the students for making decisions regarding learning. Although the journey for this gradual release may begin in kindergarten in small ways, it can become very robust and in depth by the time a student is a senior.
    • Space is used to facilitate personalized learning as different room sizes and furniture provide learning spaces for small, medium and large group learning.


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