• Placement in Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP)

    Only a student who has a completed the Minnesota Language Survey (MNLS), participated in the grade-appropriate English language screening assessment, and has been identified as an English learner can be enrolled in an English language educational program.

    Teaching and instruction models come in different forms to effectively address the unique needs and proficiency levels of the EL students in South St. Paul. EL teachers, along with content teachers, teacher assistants, special education staff, and cultural liaisons all provide instruction or instructional support to EL students. All EL students receive the greatest part of their instruction in the general education classroom. Therefore, some of the instructional approaches that support the learning of our ELs are clustering ELs for increased collaboration and push-in service time, co-teaching, classroom teacher accommodations, and pullout by EL teachers.

    EL schedules are coordinated with the classroom teacher and building schedules so that students do not miss important instructional time. We believe that focused English language development instruction in speaking, listening, reading, and writing is important for students to gain the skills needed so they are academically successful in the English-speaking classroom and can effectively communicate and interact with their English-speaking peers.