• Identification for Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP):

    Identification of English Language services is a two step process:

    1. Minnesota Language Survey (MNLS)

    When any new family registers in South St. Paul Public Schools they are required to complete the Minnesota Language Survey. The MNLS asks parents to provide information related to their student’s language use:

    • The language(s) your student first learned.
    • The language(s) your student speaks.
    • The language(s) your student understands.
    • The language(s) your student has consistent interaction with.

    2. If any language other than English is indicated on the MNLS, than the child will be screened for EL services. Students must be screened and identified as English language learners in no more than 30 days from the beginning of the school year and within 10 business days from enrollment in South St. Paul Public Schools.  

    South St. Paul Public Schools uses the following screeners:


    Students entering kindergarten will be given the W-APT.  

    The Kindergarten W-APT assesses the four language domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Test items are written from the model performance indicators of WIDA's five English Language Development (ELD) standards:

    • Social and instructional language.
    • The language needed for success in the content area of Language Arts.
    • The language needed for success in the content area of Mathematics.
    • The language needed for success in the content area of Science.
    • The language needed for success in the content area of Social Studies.

    Criteria for Initial English Learner Identification using the W-APT:



    W-APT score Identifying for EL service

    W-APT score NOT identifying for EL service

    Kindergarten First Semester

    Listening and Speaking

    27 or lower

    28 or higher

    Kindergarten Second Semester

    Listening, Speaking



    27 or lower

    10 or lower

    11 or lower

    28 or higher

    11 or higher

    12 or higher

    WIDA Screener (Grades 1-12)

    South St. Paul uses the WIDA Screener as an assessment to identify students who need specific language support. This assessment tests social language as well as academic content language.

    The WIDA Screener is given if a student has transferred from a school out of state, is new to country, or does not have a current ACCESS 2.0 score.

    The WIDA Screener to identifies where the student is in relation to WIDA’s 6 levels of language acquisition.  

    WIDA English Language Development Standards

    Scores Identifying Initial Placement using the WIDA Screener:




    Score Identifying for EL Services

    Score NOT Identifying for EL Services






    Composite Score of 4.4 or below

    Each domain below


    Composite Score of 4.5 or above

    Each domain 4.0 or above  

    WIDA Screener Proficiency Levels