English Learners

  • Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) for English Learners (ELs)

    South St. Paul Public Schools welcomes English learners (ELs) and the many assets they bring with them. An English learner is a student who speaks another language other than English and has yet to demonstrate full proficiency in English. Students classified as EL are as diverse and different from one another as any other student in a classroom. English learners come to school with a wide range of home languages, cultures and proficiency levels in English. English learners complement and enrich the school environment. Some English learners speak no English; others have high levels of oral proficiency and only need support with their academic language.

    In South St. Paul, we embrace the WIDA Can Do Philosophy. English learners have an unique set of assets that enrich the learning experiences for all learners. By focusing on what our ELs can do, everyone grows and learns.

    WIDA Can Do Philosophy

    Terms that are often used to communicate the diversity within our EL program.  

    • Newcomer/Recently Arrived English Learner (RAEL): An English learner new to the United States with emerging English Proficiency. MDE Recently Arrived English Learner
    • Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE): This term refers to a small percentage of the EL population who have limited or interrupted formal education and schooling in the first language. They are below grade level in most academic skills. Reasons for their limited schooling vary, but they may be refugees, migrant students, or had limited opportunities in their birth country due to location and poverty. MDE SLIFE 
    • Immigrant: MDE Immigrant Youth 
    • Refugee: Bridging Refugee Youth



  • Contact Information

    Emily Schmidt
    English Language Learner Program Coordinator
    (651) 457-9426