Staff Exchange Results

  • In an effort to help focus its work on improving student outcomes and building high performing teams, the district launched a new online engagement platform in January 2019 called ThoughtExchange. The goal is to have this be a forum in which all SSPPS staff have the opportunity to share insights and engage with one another about topics that impact the district.


    February 2019 Staff ThoughtExchange: BUDGET REDESIGN

    (Exchange Window: Feb. 6-15, 2019)

    Even though SSP Schools is not looking to make budget cuts for next year, we are always looking at ways to improve outcomes. To that end, we know that there may be some new programs or services we need to add in order to improve student achievement and meet our 5% improvement goals in math, reading and IB.
    Keep in mind that the district’s budget parameters require we maintain a balanced budget. So if you identify something to ADD, you must also identify something to REDUCE.
    SO … what ideas do you have for redesigning, reducing or finding new revenue opportunities as we build our budget for next year and beyond?



    January 2019 Staff ThoughtExchange: RESOLUTIONS

    (Exchange Window: Jan. 16-30, 2019)

    With the start of the new calendar year, many people make resolutions as a way to create a fresh start and enhance or improve their world. As we start 2019 in SSPPS, we want to know what resolutions or goals you have made or are willing to make to positively impact outcomes for our students.