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  • Restorative Practices in Schools and Communities Skill Sessions and Trainings, June 2022

    Registration is open for the 2022 Restorative Practices Trainings which will take place from June 13-16 and June 20-23, sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education School Climate Center. Restorative Practices are drawn from the traditions of Indigenous People and Communities of Color around the world. Restorative practices are an approach schools can use to build relationships, improve school climate and repair harm.

    The trainings will be offered online and in-person.

    • Restorative Skills Session (nine hours over three days) will be offered online only.
    • Circle Trainings (twenty hours over four days), Repair of Harm Trainings and Restorative Implementation Trainings (both fifteen hours over three days) will be offered in person, either in Bemidji, Cloquet or Crystal.
    • Circle 1—Building Community, Restorative Chats and Circle to Repair Harm will be offered online.

    For more information, visit Implementing Restorative Practices (, or contact Nancy Riestenberg, 651-582-8433.


    Innocent Classroom

    South St. Paul Public Schools received a major grant from the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation to bring Innocent Classroom training to our staff. In the next 2 years Innocent Classroom will help us:

    Innocent Classroom logo

    • Transform classrooms and relationships by deepening relationships with staff and students, particularly our students of color
    • Increase equity throughout the district
    • Undermine the impact of societal negative stereotypes, low expectations, and bias
    • Provide an environment where all students are free to achieve 

    Next Steps:

    • Ongoing leadership training, planning and coaching
    • Training for the licensed staff at the Secondary Building 2019-20
    • Training for the licensed staff at both Kaposia and Lincoln Center 2020-21
    • Creating and implementing systems of support for individual schools
    • Introduce concepts at district staff launch


    quote from KEC principal about Innocent Classroom



    Restorative Practices

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