Preschool Enrollment

  •  PreK Students heading into school   

    Welcome to Preschool at South St Paul Schools!

    We are committed to providing high quality early learning opportunities for children in SSP to begin kindergarten ready to learn and thrive. Early childhood experiences are critical for young children to form social skills, learn how to regulate emotions, practice ways to solve problems, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

    To make it easier for families, we have a variety of Community Preschool offerings. We have reduced tuition and sliding fees for all Lil’ Packers and 3-year-old preschool classes. Voluntary PreK (VPK) is all day preschool for families with 4 to 5-year-olds and is FREE at Kaposia Education Center. All other PreK classes at Lincoln Center and Kaposia Education Center are offered at low cost, with scholarships available for all families. Breakfast, lunch, childcare, and bussing are available for 4 to 5-year-olds, and all of our preschool classrooms are located right in your neighborhood elementary school. Click here to learn more about the early programs at South St. Paul.

    Welcome to the Packer Family! Thanks for choosing us! 

    Want to learn more? Visit the Preschool Virtual Open House

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    School Locations:

    Lincoln Center Elementary 
    357 - 9th Avenue North, South St. Paul, MN 55075
    Grades K-5: (651) 457-9426
    Preschool: (651) 457-9418

    Kaposia Education Center 
    1225 First Avenue South, South St. Paul, MN 55075
    Grades K-5: (651) 451-9260
    Preschool: (651) 457-9418

  • Questions?

    For more information on preschool scholarships or to receive a copy of our program brochure, please contact the SSP Family Education Center at (651) 457-9418. 


    Other information

    Early Childhood Screening

    The State of Minnesota requires that all children entering kindergarten at a public school participate in preschool screening before the start of the school year. Click here to learn more and make an appointment.

    Transportation: Preschool Bus Buddy

    Students attending four and five-year-old preschool may be eligible to ride the bus to school! If your family qualifies for bus transportation, your four and five-year-old preschooler could ride the bus to school by designating a “Bus Buddy,” (a big brother or sister, or responsible student from your stop). Bus service is available for drop-off only for the morning preschool session, or pick-up only for the afternoon preschool session.

    Children must have a BUS PASS issued by the SSPPS School District Transportation Department to ride a bus. This pass should be visible to the driver in or attached to the child’s back pack. Use the “Bus Buddy Contract” as your guide to teach the buddy how to support the safety and supervision of the preschooler on the bus and at the bus stop.

    Please contact the Family Education Center at (651) 457-9418 to make arrangements for bussing.

    Nutrition Services

    South St. Paul Public Schools participates in the National Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, and Kindergarten Milk Program. School lunches and school breakfasts are served at all schools. Free breakfast is provided for all students. Parents are encouraged to complete the online application for educational benefits.

    Visit or call (651) 457-9429 for more information.


    Interpreters and Translations

    Cultural liaison support is available at each building to assist spanish-speaking families.

    Family Education Center:
    Maria (Tere) Castellanos at (651) 306-3644

    Lincoln Center Elementary: 
    Nelly Ross at (651) 457-9490

    Kaposia Education Center: 
    Daisy Medina-Cuenca at (651) 306-3667