Committee Work

  • Over the past few months, a committee of parents, staff, and students, have been studying and discussing the medical research behind the effects of school start times on students. Many others have been learning alongside the committee through community learning sessions that were held around the district in March and April. The compelling research brought in-depth discussions amongst the committee about the well-being and achievement of our students.

    After several months of studying and discussing various school start time options that support the research of later school start times for teens, the committee is learning towards a recommendation to the district to change the start times for our schools. Through the work of the committee, ten school start time options were studied with three options rising to the top.

    At the May 23 community learning session, the committee will present these three scheduling options, along with the pros and cons for each, and also hear feedback from the students, parents, and staff from all of our sites. To view the three viable scheduling options, click here.