Voter Approved Levy FAQ

  • What is a voter-approved levy?

    When a school district places a levy before voters, it is asking for the authority to collect a specific amount of money from local property taxes for a set period of time.

    Why do districts need voter-approved levies?

    Local voter-approved levies or referendums, have become necessary for Minnesota school districts to supplement inadequate state funding. School districts rely on school levies/referendums to provide and maintain educational opportunities for their students.

    Why does the cost to taxpayers vary depending on what community they live in?

    The cost to taxpayers for voter-approved levies varies greatly and depends on the community you live in. Taxpayers that live in a community without significant commercial/industrial property to broaden the tax base, will pay two or three times more just to raise the same amount of levy revenue for their schools than taxpayers who live in a community that has more commercial/industrial property.

    What can I do to help?

    Contact your local legislators and ask them to vote for school levy equalization.