School Counseling Programs

  • school counselor Dear South St. Paul Families,

    We recognize that during the school year, there may be times where you need to get in touch with support staff in South St. Paul Schools. Over the course of the year, your student may share concerns or ask questions that may prompt you to seek out additional support from school staff.

    Each building in the South St. Paul School District is equipped with staff that can help in these situations; in addition to the Counseling program in each school, our district also partners with community providers such as 360 Communities and the Associated Clinic of Psychology, among others. 

    Support staff in the South St. Paul Schools are equipped to assist you and your child with concerns related to bullying, abuse, trauma, alcohol or drug use, mental health issues, or any related topics. We encourage you to contact the support staff in your child’s building for additional information, resources, and assistance. As a district, we are committed to supporting all students and families. 


    South St. Paul Schools Support Staff

    Lincoln Center Elementary: (651) 457-9426

    Heather Gysbers - K-5 School Counselor
    (651) 288-5810

    Tim Giesbrecht - School Psychologist (Gr. K-5)
    (651) 552-5570

    Sarah Heil-Brenny - ACP (Mental Health Therapy)
    Janet Tarr - 360 Communities (Family and Community Support)
    School Counseling page

    Kaposia Education Center:  (651) 451-9260

    Travis Truhler - K-5 School Counselor
    (651) 288-6892

    Tim Giesbrecht - School Psychologist (Gr. K-5)
    (651) 306-6317

    Gabbi Lottie - ACP (Mental Health Therapy)
    Kelcie Litchfield - 360 Communities (Family and Community Support)
    School Counseling page

    South St. Paul Secondary:  (651) 457-9408

    Shiloh Johnson - Grades 6-8, Last names A – L
    (651) 306-3688

    Kelsey MacQueen - Grades 6-8, Last names M – Z
    (651) 306-3693

    James Fischer - Grades 9-10
    (651) 306-3654

    Mitchel Paulson - Grades 11-12/College & Career
    (651) 457-9487

    Katherine Perla - 360 Communities (Family and Community Support)
    (651) 552-3094

    Bonnie Theis - ACP (Mental Health Therapy)
    Alex Carlson - ACP (Mental Health Therapy)
    School Counseling page

    Community Learning Center: (651) 450-9966

    Robin O’Reilly - Assistant Principal
    Nick Fox - Assistant Principal
    Amber Pearson - ACP (Mental Health Therapy)
    Katherine Perla - 360 Communities (Family and Community Support)

    Community Resources

    Dakota County Crisis Line: (612) 379-6363
    Dakota County Children’s Mental Health: (952) 891-7459
    360 Communities 24-hour Violence Prevention Services: 1-800-336-SAFE