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Food+You: Providing Free Food for Our Families

Staff distributing food boxes   Food+You logo   Kids holding apples

SSPPS is partnering with Second Harvest Heartland to provide a 13-pound box of free food each month to interested families at Lincoln Center Elementary and Kaposia Education Center.

The Food + You program provides FREE food to any families with children at Kaposia or Lincoln. There are no income guidelines or registration required because we are here to support ALL Lincoln and Kaposia families. We have monthly school-wide distributions at both elementary schools. At distributions, we have the Family Food Boxes, bread, milk, potatoes, and even fresh fruits and vegetables. However, you may receive a Family Food Box at any other time in the month by contacting your school Family Support Worker. Family Food Boxes contain dry goods such as: cereal, rice, pasta, peanut butter, canned chicken, tuna, soup and more.

These opportunities are one way SSPPS helps our families stretch their food dollars and ensure their children are well-fed and ready to learn.

Please contact Lincoln Center or Kaposia for details.



Contact Information

Lincoln Center Elementary: (651) 457-9426

Kaposia Education Center: (651) 451-9260