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2017 Silver Apple Award Recipients

Silver Apple Recipient Patrick   Silver Apple Award Recipient Linda   Silver Apple Award Recipient at High School


South St. Paul Educational Foundation Presents the 2017 Annual Silver Apple Award

Congratulations to Patrick Kugmeh, Linda Nygaard and Katherine Pettit for receiving the 2017 Roxanne Bliss Silver Apple Award from the South St. Paul Educational Foundation. 

Patrick Kugmeh is a lunch room supervisor and parking patrol monitor at Kaposia Education Center and was nominated by Israel Diaz, a 1st grade student at Kaposia; Linda Nygaard is a cook manager assistant and was nominated by Natalie Casalenda, a 5th grade student at Lincoln Center; Katherine Pettit is a 6th grade teacher at South St. Paul Secondary and was nominated by students Malia Meyer and Evan Sanford. 


What is the Roxanne Bliss Silver Apple Award?

Don Bliss, SSP Class of 1950 established the Silver Apple Award in honor of his wife, Roxanne Waldhauser Bliss, SSP Class of 1951. This award was created to encourage students to appreciate educators or support staff who are especially important to them.  It is their belief that school employees play a very instrumental role in the future success of students. Students nominate a teacher or other employee who made a significant difference in their lives.  Award recipients received a silver apple commemorating the award, as well as a cash stipend.