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Update on Equalization

For the past several months, we have been sharing our financial challenges and advocating at the State Capitol for funding needs such as Equalization. Last week we learned that Equalization is not currently included in the Senate or House tax bills. That means our taxpayers will continue to pay more than other school districts to receive equal funding for our students.

As a result, our staff and community reached out to our local legislators and our voices were heard!  Senator Matt Klein worked hard to write an amendment to the Omnibus Tax Bill to include Equalization. The amendment passed; however, it has a catch and still has additional hurdles to clear in conference committee.  The catch is that Equalization was included by making a cut to the Local Government Aid for city of Minneapolis.  With that catch, it makes it extremely difficult clear the next hurdles and move forward.  At least Equalization is alive again, which wasn't the case before you spoke up to our legislators last week. 

We have to keep advocating and keep the pressure up by communicating with decision makers at the capitol.  Over the next couple of weeks, the Senate and House will form a joint conference committee that will work to resolve differences between the bills of the two parties.  Once the conference committee members are determined, we will pass along their contact information and ask that you reach out to them and urge them to support Equalization in the final bill.

Thank you for your continued support of South St. Paul Public Schools.  Working together, we can gain the financial support we need to give our students what they deserve.

Strong schools = strong communities!

Dave Webb, Ed. D., Superintendent
South St. Paul Public Schools
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