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Committed to Kids, But Funding Challenges Increase

Committed to Kids, But Funding Challenges Increase

We are so lucky in South St. Paul to have great neighborhoods, strong schools and dedicated parents and community partners. We are committed to making decisions that strengthen our schools, our students and our staff, but increasing financial challenges make that more and more difficult.
Things to know:

  • State funding is not keeping pace with increasing educational costs, nor with inflation.
  • Our state property tax system penalizes South St. Paul for having low levels of commercial property - meaning our homeowners pay more than our neighbors to support schools.
  • We have the lowest local property tax support for our schools in Dakota County.
  • We have the highest level of family poverty in Dakota County.

We rely on state and local funding to support our schools. If you want to help advocate at the legislature for more funding – in person, by calling and through email – this card [LINK to postcard] has a short message and contact info you can use. Please email me at if you want to join me for a visit to the Capitol.
Because of inadequate funding, we are once again forced to present $1 million in budget cuts to the School Board on March 13 for the 2017-18 school year. Please attend the meeting if you’d like to learn more about the budget that will be officially adopted two weeks later, on Monday, March 27.
Learn more about our commitments and our challenges by reading our Families, Funding and Fairness booklet.

Thank you for the privilege of educating your students. 
Strong Schools = Strong Communities

In gratitude,

Dave Webb, Ed. D., Superintendent
South St. Paul Public Schools
(651) 457-9465