• New Campaign to Make the 9th Avenue Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone Safe

    The Lincoln Center side of 9th Avenue will be a 30 second Drop-off/Pick-up zone only.

    You will see new signage. You will see school personnel in bright colored vests directing and enforcing traffic and crossing rules. Please follow drop-off/parking signs and direction from school personnel.

    This means:

    • NO PARKING on LC side of 9th Avenue. Cars will pull up and have 30 seconds to unload/pick-up student passengers. School personnel will be directing and waving traffic on to ensure a fast, safe student drop-off/pick-up procedure.
    • NO child (even if accompanied by a parent/adult) will be allowed to cross 9th Avenue other than at the corner crosswalks.
    • If you want to walk your child into LC or pick your child up from inside the building you will need to park in the lot, the opposite side of the street, or any side street designated for parking.
    • DO NOT STOP in the middle of 9th Avenue to let your child in or out of the car!
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